Art Nation Publishing
We make books that readers won't be able to put down
We make books for the whole family with the thought of the time we live in
We work in publishing market from 2017 and give our reader a new form of family leisure — books with augmented reality (AR). We combine tradition and innovation so that the modern reader gets more than just a book.

In 2018 our publishing house ranked the first place in the Rating of Ukrainian Publishing Houses in the category "The largest edition of one title". We received this award thanks to the book "Alice in Wonderland". Total edition of two books, "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass", was 1 241 050 copies in 2018 and it was the record of Ukraine.

Since 2018 we are members of Ukrainian Publishers & Booksellers Association.
We create books with augmented reality and apps for their activation!
With augmented reality and image-recognition people could use their lovely gadgets to get a content-rich, interactive experiences.
Rare book will make the reader to say «WOW», but it's much easier to stand out with AR-book.
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Our Authors & Illustrators
These are people we are proud
to work with
Julia Pylypchatina
Illustrator of The Adventures of Pinocchio
Lena London
Illustrator of Beauty and the Beast
Masha Foya
Illustrator of Aladdin and Magic Lamp
Natalia Chorna
Illustrator of The Little Mermaid
Eugenia Gapchinska
Illustrator of The Snow Queen
Hanna Prykhodko
Illustrator of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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Our contacts
Eugene Tatarinov
Executive Producer
[email protected]
+38 067 631 04 05
Eduardo Akhramovych
General Producer
[email protected]
+380 67 209 15 00
Volodymyr Bryskin