We ranked the first place in the rating of Ukrainian publishers
Someone says it is possible to achieve high results only after many years, but we at Art Nation Publishing are of the opinion "do your job well and it will be good". And not necessarily in a hundred years. So, we proved that success does not depend on age, but on people, ideas, and hard work.
In 2018 we published 640 000 AR-books "Alice Through the Looking Glass". And the total circulation of two books ("Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Alice in Through the Looking Glass") was 1,241,050 copies.

Due to such results, we took the 1st place in the Rating of Ukrainian Publishing Houses in the category "The largest edition of one title". It is worth noting that according to the statistics of the Book Chamber of Ukraine, the average circulation of one children's book for 2017–18 was 2.7 thousand copies. It means that our publishing house beat the Ukrainian record.

What is the secret of such incredible success? There are two of them. First, a unique book product corresponding to the current trends of the economy of emotions. The book with AR (augmented reality) is not just a publishing novelty, but a new format of family leisure. By using the application on your smartphone, your favorite characters become alive, move, communicate and interact. And reading a well-known book turns into an interactive game. Second, a non-traditional distribution format for the publishing industry — as a part of an exclusive loyalty program in the "ATB market" retail chain. So, the AR-book earned trust as a new marketing tool. Сonsumers willingly participated in the campaign, shared their emotions and feedback on social networks.

Now in the portfolio of Art Nation Publishing, there are already 6 books with AR: "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Alice in the Looking Glass" "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King", "Puss in Boots", "Sleeping Beauty", "The Wild Swans". And in future plans, there is a collection of children's classics with AR.

28 МАРТА / 2019