Art Nation Publishing at the Frankfurt Book Fair-2019
For the second time, Art Nation Publishing has presented Ukraine at the world's largest Frankfurt Book Fair. This year, more than 300,000 books reviewers attended the event, and 7,450 publishers presented their books.
We have traditionally shown our series of books with augmented reality (AR). In Frankfurt we have presented: children's fairy tales "Alice in the Land of See", "Alice in Zazerkally", "The Snow Queen" and "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" with illustrations by Eugene Gapchinskaya, "The Cat in the Boots" with illustrations by Martha Koshulinskaya, "The Sleeping Beauty" with illustrations by Ivan Kravets, "Wild Swans" with illustrations by Oksana Drachovskaya, as well as original children's encyclopedias. Each of our books comes to life with the WowBox mobile app.
This year the Ukrainian stand was represented by 27 editions, but only Art Nation Publishing presented AR books. We are especially pleased to carry out cultural exports by presenting books, as they are all created by Ukrainian talented illustrators, artists, translators, animators and more. It is a pleasure to present the result of the team work to the professional world community.

Our books are highly praised by publishers from Eastern Europe and Asia. We are already communicating with publishers from Brazil, Japan, the US and the UK. We have already signed contracts with the representatives of Romania and China. What does it mean? Soon, readers from abroad will also be able to plunge into the wonderful world of augmented reality of our books.

We are already planning to visit the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2020. Therefore, we are not stopping at what we have achieved, and we are already preparing new series of augmented and fiction augmented reality books to re-introduce Ukraine to the publishing world next year.
30th October / 2019